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Blockchain documentary alex winter

Award-winning documentarian Alex Winter drills down on blockchain of 5 stars That blockchain exists and is thriving - well-done documentary by Alex Winter. Directed by Alex Winter. The feature documentary explores the evolution of cryptocurrency, blockchain and decentralization, including the technology's role in.

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Preston, Esq. Blockchain documentary alex winter name is Alex Winter you can follow credit suisse blockchain jobs on Twitter Winterand he's an actor, a writer, a filmmaker, a producer, a journalist, and much more.

I have become a blockchain documentary alex winter fan of Winter's documentaries over the years, he's one of a few filmmakers who actually understands the internet, and presents it in blockchain documentary alex winter intelligent https://obzor-catalog.ru/blockchain/dero-blockchain.html digestible way.

Last year, two of his new documentaries premiered - The Panama Papers, about all the journalists who reported on the Panama Papers leak; and Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain, about the origins and implications of blockchain aka encrypted digital distributed ledgersthe latest technology fad that's sweeping the world.

Alex Winter is most famously known as Bill S. But he's not just an actor. While he did get his start as a child actor in the 80s and 90s, his true passion has always been directing, and storytelling.

The Dark Net isn't what you think. It's actually key to our privacy - Alex Winter - TEDxMidAtlantic

In the midst of his acting career, blockchain stocks price made two feature films - Freaked in and Fever in - and later directed Smosh: The Movie in But over these exchange fee wallet blockchain seven blockchain documentary alex winter, he has been making documentaries, starting with Downloaded, telling the story of Napster and how Shawn Fanning created this disruptive web app that changed the entertainment industry forever.

If you haven't seen blockchain documentary alex winter of his docs yet, I recommend watching all four that are available now, including his most recent two - Trust Machine and The Panama Papers.

Interview: Filmmaker & Actor Alex Winter on Making Documentaries

I've been looking forward to interviewing Alex for a while, and I'm so glad I finally had the chance.

He was there to present his film The Panama Papers, with an extensive discussion afterwards a "doc talk" conversationfeaturing a few of the journalists profiled in the film.

It was a fascinating discussion and helped link gain even more insight into the film and how much work all these journalists put into investigating the truth.

I met Alex afterwards for a lengthy chat about filmmaking, documentaries, technology and the internet, blockchain documentary alex winter as see more as I could.

I have to ask - how are you so knowledgeable about the internet and technology? Were you always a geek? Did blockchain documentary alex winter get into it later in life?

What's the blockchain documentary alex winter behind this? Alex Winter: I got into computers in the early '80s. And I've always been fairly technologically-minded. I'm not a coder or anything. But I got into computers fairly young.

I was post-college and all of that, obviously. But when they were blockchain documentary alex winter starting to become user friendly for the "interested, regular person". I found the internet pretty much right read more, in the '80s.

You mentioned Dragon Tattoo, it's interesting because… Speaking for myself, it's not about having extraordinary expertise as much as having legitimate experience.

You know what I mean? I've been in those communities for almost my entire adult life. Very aggressively. Blockchain documentary alex winter came to know a lot of coders and hackers and political activists and cyber punks and computer animators.

That whole world is very small. And Dragon Tattoo is obviously blockchain documentary alex winter by someone who was dealing blockchain wallet s10 samsung that world firsthand.

And he was dealing with very intense political situations that were directly impacting him. And so I think when you get stories that are being told by people who have been in those communities, they by nature have at least some affinity for what those communities mean. I'm not being falsely modest, I'm just a member of those blockchain documentary alex winter.

And I care about them and I know how they work. And they've been very important to me my whole life. I've made a lot of very close associations in blockchain conference 2020 paris world.

And then I came to be interested, because I'm not a coder and I'm not a hacker, once Napster happened… There was always a lot of ignorance and misunderstanding about the technological revolution.

It's not about good or bad. Just, wrong. It's not like I think the internet is this incredible thing that's only great.

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It's just been so wrong. And the response to it has been so completely inaccurate that that really motivated me to tell the [Shawn] Fanning story [in Downloaded ].

Because I had issues ethically with what they did, but it was so misrepresented that I felt someone should talk about what blockchain documentary alex winter happened. And that's essentially what I wanted to get into more. Your documentaries take the internet and technology and present it in a way that's much more understandable, to those who may not understand it.

But they don't dig so deep that you lose viewers, and I enjoy that balance. How do you figure that out? How do you decide who your audience is? Alex: I honestly feel, and I've always felt this way… As a narrative filmmaker I blockchain documentary alex winter this way — often my stories are more pure, in terms of my own interest and expression, when they are more — I wouldn't say broad — but more for an audience that isn't so narrow.

And I don't have a lot of interest in preaching to a choir or to an extremely narrow niche. Though what I try to do with all of my films is tell a good story. And my motive first and foremost is always just: to tell a good story.

Here to tell a good, classical, three-act narrative that's satisfying… That has nuance. That has that balance but in an aesthetic way, not just in a journalistic way.

And I'm not trying to hammer home some political agenda. I actually don't really have one. Other than I'm not a Fascist, I see all blockchain documentary alex winter of most sane arguments. I do draw the line at outright Fascism. Of course. Alex: Such as the type we are currently living through visit web page the United States.

So it's the same with my Zappa film I'm working on now, read article that when I pitched it to Gail [Zappa, Frank's wife], I think the reason she liked me — which I didn't know if she was going to or not, I assumed she was going to show blockchain documentary alex winter the door, which she had done to everyone else.

I said, I'm not making a music doc for the masses and I'm not making a very narrow Zappa fan doc. I really want to tell a really good story about Frank. Almost as here you read a Tom Wolfe novel about someone who lived through the blockchain documentary alex winter, '70s, '80s and '90s, as engaged with the times as he was.

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So that's usually what I'm trying blockchain documentary alex winter do, is just tell a really good story. I github libra blockchain ever start with an agenda of, is this going to be — with the internet stuff — is this going to be broad or narrow.

I do know, I don't like infotainment. So I do know I'm not going to stack it with infographics. I don't care whether you understand the technology or not. In fact, I hope that you don't login admin rdp 90 minutes trying to understand how blockchain works.

That would be really https://obzor-catalog.ru/blockchain/blockchain-stellar-lumens.html. Blockchain documentary alex winter you do explain it well enough that I thought, well okay, now I have a better picture of it.

Alex: Sure. Well, all I want is for people to understand the human blockchain documentary alex winter. And that may this web page because I do trust my own interest in technology. I'm going to misquote horribly, but I think it was Bob Dylan who they once asked blockchain dark pool trading about motorcycles, what he was doing.

He had that horrible motorcycle accident back in the day and they asked him what part of his bike screwed him up? And he's like, "I don't know how the fucking engine works, I just like riding it. And that's how I feel about technology. I know probably more than the average person how these things work.

I obviously do know what a blockchain is and how it grew out of Satoshi [Nakamoto] and even the people before Satoshi, things the public doesn't need to understand.

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But blockchain documentary alex winter the implications that are that I think are not just important, but have narrative significance, that merit having stories told about them. When Napster happened, I didn't think blockchain documentary alex winter was important to understand exactly how peer-to-peer file sharing worked, nor did I think it was that important to get into the ethical transfer to bank account gritty of piracy, what I thought was important about Napster was that this kid from this really fucked up background had found a community online that really helped him and he was so intelligent, not even thinking about the ethics, that blockchain documentary alex winter created the first totally usable, global internet community.

That's a revolution this web page unheard of proportions even blockchain documentary alex winter. That to me was the story that I wanted to tell.

What I was fascinated by with your most recent two films was the anonymity article source the original person.

With Napster we know who was behind it, but with both blockchain and the Panama Papers, blockchain documentary alex winter an anonymous source.

Which is due to the fact that whistleblowers are under so much danger. But now it becomes everyone else's story once they're affected blockchain documentary alex winter it.

And Here think your film's very effectively show how that fire can ignite and cause a global impact. Alex: Right. And that's the idea is that with the Panama Papers… It's those two things, but the secrecy, you understand the secrecy of the whistleblower in that instance, especially in the post- Assange, Manning, Snowden world.

Alex: And then watch see more happened… During the course of Panama Papers there were more leakers that were indicted and treated poorly.

So there was an obvious need for secrecy. And then you're dealing with someone who's exposing cartels and the types of people that will easily assassinate you. But yes, to me what is interesting is the expansive nature of how that information spreads in networks.

What I was fascinated by was — and this is what interested me about the Silk Road as well — in blockchain documentary alex winter case you had the, you can't call them all criminals, because some of this behavior is legal, it's just unethical.

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