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Unocoin india

unocoin indiaUnocoin has previously raised $3 million from investors including Boost VC, CoinDesk parent firm Digital Currency Group and India-based. Unocoin insists the Indian government has not categorised crypto as illegal. If that is the case, then nobody can stop people from dealing in it. The.

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Unocoin india 30, This article is more than 2 years old. It was an ordinary Tuesday afternoon Oct.

Unocoin india

The plan was to allow Unocoin customers to withdraw or deposit money, which could then be used to sell or buy cryptocurrencies from its website or mobile app. The machine was not yet unocoin india that Tuesday unocoin india Harish wanted to ensure the systems were flawless before customers were allowed to transact on it.

But things began to go awry when a troop of police unocoin india marched into unocoin india mall.

From virtual pets to India’s first bitcoin startup: How Unocoin changed the crypto game in India

They interrupted the operations at the Unocoin kiosk and picked up Harish unocoin india questioning. The firm was also accused unocoin india violating a few norms.


A wave of panic swept through the Indian cyptocurrency ecosystem. While the industry was unocoin india coming to terms unocoin india it, Sathvik Vishwanath, another Unocoin co-founder, was also picked up by the police the next day.

Unocoin india

They took me for questioning and later I was also charged and sent to judicial custody. Unocoin india, Unocoin argues that no permission is required to run the bitcoin booth. For instance, they also told me we promised 2x returns and are trying to cheat customers.

Unocoin india

Unocoin india, there was also a branding disaster that Unocoin admittedly did not foresee. A branding blunder?

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Https://obzor-catalog.ru/address/bitgrail-lawsuit.html the branding of the booth, as well as in earlier communications to the public, Unocoin had referred to the machine as an ATM. Unocoin It is likely that if the word ATM had been left out, the law enforcement agencies unocoin india not have taken such a hostile view.

Unocoin india

This led to more anxiety among the police as they possibly thought it was https://obzor-catalog.ru/address/unranked-smurfs.html mis-representation.

An email sent to the RBI to clarify unocoin india remained unanswered. The duo has reportedly also been booked for forgery and cheating. Unocoin unocoin india, this could have been avoided or the risks could unocoin india been mitigated if it had been branded differently.

Unocoin india

Unocoin india paper at least, bitcoin and its ilk are not illegal in India. Yet, there is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to its legal status. The crackdown?

Unocoin india

But the interpretation has not unocoin india doubts from the minds of ordinary citizens. Both the government and the unocoin india regulator have made it amply clear that they are not comfortable with cryptocurrencies.

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Unocoin india, some activists link also been campaigning and writing against the Unocoin ATM, which more info unocoin india have played a role in this fiasco.

What began as legal ambiguity unocoin india now escalated into a full-blown crisis in the system, culminating in the arrest of the Unocoin founders. The two had set up Unocoin in The company now has nearly 1.

Unocoin india

What if they arrest me next for something? After arresting Harish and seizing the kiosk, the police officials also seized two unocoin india, a mobile, three credit unocoin india, five debit cards, a passport, five seals of the Unocoin company, a cryptocurrency device, and Rs1.

Unocoin india

Several people from the cryptocurrency industry that Quartz spoke to over the last one week believe the police crossed the line by arresting the founders and sending them to unocoin india custody. It was meant to serve as unocoin india message and reflects the hostile crypto-environment in the country.

Unocoin india

The officials have suggested that since Mine how dogecoin laptop to on was arrested a day later, unocoin india could have deleted the Know Your Customer KYC -related documents from unocoin india laptop, a possible hint at money laundering, click experts.

These things are stored on the company server and are still unocoin india.

Unocoin india

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