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Sapphire r9 290x vapor x

sapphire r9 290x vapor xUnited States: The Sapphire R9 X 8GB Vapor-X OC retails for $ at Amazon. Video Card Details and Specifications. Close up with the. Sapphire Radeon Vapor-X R9 X 4GB GDDR5 Dual DVI-D: obzor-catalog.ru: Electronics.

Sapphire r9 290x vapor x

We also recommend that sapphire r9 290x vapor x visit the Sapphire Select Club website and register the card as Sapphire often have great offers in place. For example at the moment anyone who buys a R7 series card from them gets sapphire r9 290x vapor x discount on their Adobe Photography Bundle subscription.

R9 290X Vapor-X PCB breakdown.

Sapphire RX 8gb Vapor-X OC Review — The Card We mentioned above the use of a Tri-X cooler here and that means the sapphire r9 290x vapor x of three dust resistant 90mm fans aerofoil blades and five copper heatpipes sapphire r9 290x vapor x, 2x8mm, 2x6mm along with a bunch of aluminium fins. The Vapor-X branding also lets us know that the cooler makes use of a vapour chamber on the GPU to maximise cooling performance and it is good to see the use of a chunky metal backplate on the card, both from an aesthetic point of view and from a PCB stability angle.

Sapphire r9 290x vapor x

Sapphire also note the use of enhanced power circuity on this model. Sapphires Black Diamond chokes black ferrite cooler also https://obzor-catalog.ru/account/100-in-dogecoin.html an appearance while offering enhanced efficiency and solid electrolyte capacitors are used throughout to improve reliability over standard designs.

Sapphire r9 290x vapor x is also a dual BIOS button with legacy mode or new UEFI compatibility and along at the end of the card we also find an enhanced feature, a small fan control switch. When set to sapphire r9 290x vapor x the card will turn off two fans at low load, minimising noise and then as required spin them back on to article source the card cool when gaming etc.

Sapphire Adds R9 290X OC To New Vapor-X Line-Up

PCIe 3. Various methods of overclocking are compatible with the new 8Gb card and one of those is offered by Sapphire themselves, called Trixx.

Sapphire r9 290x vapor x

In our manual overclocking we were able to hit Mhz on the core and MHz on the memory. It is by no means compact, so bear that in mind when building your system, but it is built to a high standard. From the enhanced components used in the power circuitry, to the high performance cooler and on to sapphire r9 290x vapor x aspects such as the high quality backplate.

Sapphire r9 290x vapor x

We like the selection of outputs used by Sapphire too, this card uses the ideal mix, and nice extra features such as the fan sapphire r9 290x vapor x controller and temperature based LED are a bonus. Civilisation Beyond Earth crypto account buy without also included.

Sapphire r9 290x vapor x

Looking to performance, out of the box and before we even consider the extra memory we have a card which is faster than the reference card thanks to sapphire r9 290x vapor x sapphire r9 290x vapor link overclock.

Thermal performance was also good and we found the sapphire r9 290x vapor x to be a decent manual overclocker too which is always nice to have.

Summary: Good build quality and pretty much the highest spec X available.

SAPPHIRE R9 290 Vapor-X test with IFC engaged

A worthy winner of our Gold Sapphire r9 290x vapor x. Available in the UK from Overclockers.

Sapphire r9 290x vapor x

All look exceptional on the Vapor-X 8gb.

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