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Namecheap ssl

Once you have a CSR code generated, login to your Namecheap account and start the activation: Hover your mouse over your account username in the upper left. Namecheap SSL is an application on Namecheap shared hosting servers to ease the SSL installation process. You can find it in your hosting cPanel by clicking.

Note: All red namecheap ssl Details Continue reading 2 Share: Because I will do this for every domain I have, so I write a post here to help my self and hope it will help you namecheap ssl.

Buy an SSL Certificate from NameCheap

Note: All red texts will need to be replaced with your own information. If not, just login to your Digital Ocean account, choose Droplets, in droplet list, choose namecheap ssl droplet that you want to process, then click Access and press Launch Console button. You source need input username root and password to access the console completely.

If you forgot your root password, you can click Reset Namecheap ssl Password button in Access tab to click a new pass.

Namecheap ssl ssl 2: Create SSL Certification Input namecheap ssl your console with below script replace sneeit with your domain namecheap namecheap ssl : openssl req namecheap ssl -newkey rsa -nodes -keyout sneeit.

NameCheap SSL install with Namecheap Hosting

Just input that with your Namecheap ssl Registration Information. Namecheap ssl make sure you selected All Products namecheap ssl 2, 3. You will receive all next emails via this address. Just input and click Next.

Possible with namecheap

Upload all those files to your hosting. With nginx, we will need to merge those two files into one. Save namecheap ssl config file.

Cómo comprar e instalar un Certificado SSL de Namecheap

And reload nginx with the following command on your console: nginx -s namecheap ssl Step 5: Check namecheap ssl SSL Certification Everything is done now.

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