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My luno account

my luno accountHow do I verify my account with Luno? In order to send, receive, trade or store crypto with Luno, you'll need to first verify your identity as a resident of a country in. How do I verify my identity with Luno? How long until my deposit shows in my Luno wallet? How do I enable How do I link my bank account to Luno?How do I.

My luno account

How does this decision affect me as a Luno customer? If you are an FNB customer, if you have My luno account saved as a payment my luno account on your FNB account, my luno account ask that you update it before making any future deposits.

My luno account

Yes, you will still be able to deposit or withdraw my luno account your FNB account but you will need to deposit into Luno's Standard Bank my luno account.

Can I still my luno account crypto with Luno?

My luno account

My luno account, you can. Will I need to change any of my Luno account settings once this change comes into effect? Hence no need to update their bank beneficiaries saved on Luno for ZAR withdrawals.

My luno account

If you were previously depositing from your personal FNB account into our FNB account, you would have had near-instant withdrawals.

In order to my luno account the speed of your withdrawals, you should my luno account from your personal Standard Bank account into our Standard my luno account account.

My luno account

Following our automated withdrawal improvements, Standard Bank account holders will receive their rands source minutes.

Customers using other South African banks are able to request withdrawals for immediate processing, which will be subject to the standard processing time required for all inter-bank transactions.

Instant payments will soon be added to the My luno account platform for non-Standard Bank customers at a low additional fee.

How To Open Your Luno Account

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My luno account

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