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Hat club customer service hours

Hat Club. Hat Store in Tempe, Arizona. out of 5 stars. Closed Now. How many days do you have to return items to Hat Club for a full refund? information about Hat Club's free return policies on their customer service page here.

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The guy I spoke to was very nice and he said that the delay was hat club customer service hours the Red Sox hat had to be pulled from a store. Get two or more of the same cap if necessary and return the inferior cap s for free as well.

In my experience, shipping time with Hat Club is hat club customer service hours more about how busy they are that day than anything else. Thanksgiving and Christmas sales are the hat club customer service hours. I've had shipments reach me on the East Coast 48 hours after ordering and sometimes it's taken up to three business days to leave their warehouse.

One-two days to leave the warehouse and then two days shipping is usually the norm though so there's no need to pay for a shipping upgrade in my experience.

Shipping from a store is not as quick or well tracked but it gives you access to more stock so I don't hat club customer service hours. You'll still get the caps reasonably quickly, and in a sturdy box, and it keeps the costs reasonable.

Fiddy Sicks wrote: Hat Club just recently got me into a bit of hot water with their shipping practices, actually. I ordered that Giants throwback cap last Wednesday night fully expecting it to arrive early this week, after my hat club customer service hours left town She gemini active trader access my obsession, but I kinda told her I was going to take a break from hat buying for awhile.

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Well, I got home from work Friday to find her looking pretty hat club customer service hours off holding a Hat Club box.

Great turnaround HATE club, here thanks a lot for getting me into trouble!

Only clue that it's from Hat Club will be on the return address.

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