- 01.03.2020

Cashaa bank

cashaa bankIn India, the company aims to create “the first crypto-friendly banking platform” that is regulated by the central bank, the Reserve Bank of India . The Paypers sat with Janina Lowisz, Co-Founder & VP Corporate Services, Cashaa to learn what next-generation crypto friendly banking.

Cashaa bank

Cashaa is a crypto-friendly bank app based in London. Previously, Cashaa had raised USD 33 million during the token sale in As a part of its expansion plans, Cashaa is all set to launch article source app for India.

With this, it hopes to pave the way cashaa bank a crypto-friendly banking system for the country where cashaa bank will be cashaa bank under the Reserve Bank of India.

Cashaa bank

With this, Cashaa plans to tap into the growing crypto user base in India. As Cashaa is handling huge amounts of AML and transactional data on crypto-currencies related to banking transactions, it can enable regulators to understand the industry better and help it develop a positive outlook towards the industry.

cashaa bank

Cashaa bank

cashaa bank A feat, Cashaa projects to repeat in India as well. We believe that the next big evolution in the Banking and Crypto space can actually happen from India.

Cashaa bank

Hence, we have been actively working on developing products, working on cashaa bank infrastructure, and recruitments to power our entry click the Indian market.

Apart from India, we will also tap into the African and Caribbean market. The loss stands restored now and all funds are SAFU.

Cashaa bank

It is also important to highlight that during the July hack, Cashaa responded swiftly to the incident, reported the matter to the competent authority, and was continually working cashaa bank authorities and those affected.

By doing this Cashaa not cashaa bank set an example to the crypto industry.

Cashaa bank

By doing so, Cashaa also cashaa bank the second company that did not pass the loss of a Cashaa bank hack to its users. Binance too cashaa bank introduced SAFU, which cashaa bank have cashaa bank in cashaa bank past to cover the loss due to the hack in which Binance lost 40 Million USD, but none of the users got any haircut.

Cashaa is now overlooking massive amounts of transactional data coming from crypto companies that enables them to build an AI for transaction monitoring for AML.

Cashaa bank

This has given the regulators comfort to allow Cashaa to build its own banking system.

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