- 20.02.2020

Zilliqa staking kucoin

Due to the fact that the Pool-X platform will support the release of rewards from Zilliqa Staking, Zilliqa's Soft Staking service will be suspended. Due to the fact that the Pool-X platform will support the release of rewards from Zilliqa Staking, Zilliqa's Soft Staking service has been suspended.

Seed Node Staking Contract: Incident Response Dear all, We would like to inform you that the zilliqa staking kucoin node staking programme witnessed an issue zilliqa staking kucoin block numberwhen the rewards were supposed to be disbursed for the second staking cycle. When computing rewards for the operators, the contract reported that a certain number therein overflowed which prevented the rewards from being article source to the operators.

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This occurred due to a safety feature in the contract which prevents zilliqa staking kucoin rewards zilliqa staking kucoin as negative rewards from being distributed. The issue was zilliqa staking kucoin identified and a swift fix was pushed in blocks, and The fix consists of rewarding delegators after roughly every blocks i.

Albeit simple in principle, we assure you that this effectively handles the issue. An implication of this fix is that delegators will now have to claim their zilliqa staking kucoin more sia storage if they wish to keep their gas footprint low and earn cumulated returns.

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The gas to be paid to claim all the rewards for 1 day in zilliqa staking kucoin new fix is estimated to be 3 ZILs, which is 1. Rewards for the following cycles should not be zilliqa staking kucoin by this fix.

We consider this as a short to zilliqa staking kucoin term fix while we upgrade the contract to revert the reward distribution back to every blocks. In fact, work on this solution is already underway.

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By reverting back to blocks, zilliqa staking kucoin will also be able to bring the gas consumption down to its original value. We highlight that zilliqa staking kucoin funds are safe including your gZILs, and all rewards for the cycle have been disbursed.


At present, you can continue to stake and earn rewards as usual. The only observable change being that the rewards will now be distributed more frequently than earlier. We are zilliqa staking kucoin to answer your queries on Telegram, and apologise for any confusion this may have caused.

We will update you with a more detailed technical assessment in the following week. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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