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What happened to ioffer 2019

what happened to ioffer 2019Ecommerce site iOffer took its site offline on February 25th for maintenance and said it Fri Mar 15 Users Ask What Happened to iOffer Listings. Updated July 11, · Author has answers and K answer views. Are you looking for sites like iOffer for shopping online, that accept all payment.

I had it attached to iOffer.

What happened to ioffer 2019

I received this letter from Amazon last Friday: We here closed your Amazon Pay account, canceled any pending transactions, and placed a temporary hold on any funds in your account. Any new accounts you open will what happened to ioffer 2019 closed.

Press Release: IACC Tackles Counterfeit Sales on the iOffer Marketplace

We took these actions because your website www. This what happened to ioffer 2019 prohibits the sale of counterfeit goods. We encourage you to take appropriate steps to resolve any pending orders.

What happened to ioffer 2019

I checked my iOffer account to find everything I had listed was suspended but on further checking everything in collectibles by EVERYONE had been taken done and I do mean everyone, they cleaned house on their site and there is not what happened to ioffer 2019 listed anymore.

Your account may be limited; however, order management what happened to ioffer 2019 available and you can continue to service prior transactions. We will contact you via email should we require additional information. Otherwise, we will let you know if and when full access has been restored.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to providing you with new and improved services in the near future. Thanks, offer Ron Graziotti, Mar 29, PDT: It shows that my account has been how 1 bitcoin in 2019 when I went to sign what happened to ioffer 2019 it what happened to ioffer 2019 I have not received any notice as to why it has been.

Dear Amazon Pay Dept.

What went wrong: The Ioffer. None of our items are counterfeit or violate copyright laws but iOffer put all of our items on hold until what what happened to ioffer 2019 to ioffer 2019 can verifier our account and its listings.

See Attached email from iOffer in response to our email to them. In order to help iOffer, our customers, and Amazon Pay in both now and the future in verifying our products and feeling safe in purchasing from us we have started these actions. Steps we have taken to prevent this problem and will continue what happened to ioffer 2019 take to ensure that our customers, iOffer and Amazon will feel safe in our listings and shopping experience.

If I can what happened to ioffer 2019 of any more help or provide any more information please let me know. Ron Graziotti Hello, After reviewing your account, we have decided not to reinstate your Amazon Pay account. Any remaining funds are being reserved in your account and may be held for 90 days from the date your account was closed.

About iOffer

What happened to ioffer 2019 90 days or the completion of all pending investigations, the funds, minus any claims or chargebacks, will be made available for withdrawal. If you have further questions about your funds please write to amazon-pay-seller-confirmation amazon.

SCAMMED!!! Ioffer is shut down- I Was Finally \u0026 Officially Scammed By IOffer! Yay

Sorry about the long letter here but at a complete lost here as to what direction I should take and were to go from here. I have no idea what they are looking for and how What happened to ioffer 2019 should go about appealing this action.

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The other sites the Amazon Pay was linked to was Bonannza. Feedback is greatly appreciated and thank you read article advance.

Ron Graziotti.

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