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Commonwealth labs edgware

commonwealth labs edgwareCommonwealth Labs · About Edgeware Edgeware is purpose-built for experimentation with formal governance. By launching with a novel. Builder of obzor-catalog.ru and Edgeware, governance tech lab.

Commonwealth labs edgware

Two more minutes backgrounds hilarious. Okay, it's true five, so if scrypt coins not here, they like to commonwealth labs edgware the recording.

Hey, thank commonwealth labs edgware for making time Today commonwealth labs edgware our second community call. We've nio reddit 2019 a couple of general news updates to share with you and then we'll dig in on commonwealth labs edgware other items like governance, timing, which I'm sure a lot of questions about.

Um, so without further ado, like to tip it off commonwealth labs edgware Dylan to talk about our main net and validated launch plan.

Should we do introductions first? Yeah, sorry, I recognize most of the names in the in the chat.

So intrapreneurship.


If you if anyone is here that hasn't joined here at all commonwealth labs edgware. I would love for you to drop a quick chat message if you're able to and leave the moment Say and tell us a little what you do.

We don't play. Hello, can you hear me? Hi, I'm JAkub from zeeprime. We emerged in commonwealth labs. We invest in commonwealth labs edgware Council. Where is right now developing click to see more tools for substrate, substrate commonwealth labs edgware.

And we are we are going to soon, very soon implement our validator node monitoring on edgeware And Awesome, thanks. Good to see you. Anybody else? Hey, this is Victor from bison trails.

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Great to be here thanks Rosen collagen and we help check this out please click for source validated on different networks.

We have a number of customers run validates or Kusama and are excited to do the same for address. Commonwealth labs edgware, well Cool. Thank you a Jacob and Victor. So for validating on main net, the Genesis rules have changed a little bit. There's going to be commonwealth labs edgware slots.

We're going to run a couple. Some details. Yeah, so hopefully everyone got a chance to read the validating on mainnnet post it seems like their comments.

Within discord and telegram wasn't any, like super red flags, but just the TLDR when we when we did the September 15 launch, there was like some, like confusion around sending keys.

And so that might have led to like an unnecessary slashing.

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So commonwealth labs edgware be a little bit more conservative with this new launch that's coming up, we'll talk about setting a date for we decided or we're putting commonwealth labs edgware as a proposal to the community to basically launch like with a smaller restricted Genesis set and then basically have individuals come on as like they so please.

So giving individuals a chance to set four keys, since that's commonwealth labs edgware new addition. Mining pool 2019 will set the set of slots pretty high. So like ideally, anyone who has been, would be able to join.

So anyone who wants to join should be able to and also kind of in a game of stake-style like launch. The commonwealth labs edgware is like algorithmic.

So as more people join, the more like commonwealth labs edgware will be rewarded. So we should hopefully progress naturally. And also like Commonwealth clubs, like shouldn't be, like, unfairly rewarded.

But yeah, just to kill the I mean, that's the kind of overview. I would love to hear any comments, questions or like, concerns?

I think there's the things that come to mind and which we can talk about a little bit later during the call would be like, governance process a little bit afterwards, how we should -- There's like, I guess there's a few factors of it.

How long is the commonwealth labs edgware voting period? How long is the enactment period?

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I'd love to hear folks as comments, if any. So, to be clear dillon, we're talking about the initial parameters for things like the proposal voting period, and [unknown] Well So specifically, I think we talked about, like comments or questions on just like how we might proceed with the validator set.

And then later during the call, we can talk about like setting governance parameters, and then the set of proposals that can come after that. So yeah, if anyone have questions, just related https://obzor-catalog.ru/2019/payphone-nightcore.html the validator set, definitely all ears.

Can you repeat? Commonwealth labs edgware many validator at start? I don't understand very wonderful, I'm sorry. And then I think Raymond also had a comment within telegram responding to folks, as more people join we'll kind of also drop off and make sure we run a few validators to make the network more decentralized.

Did that answer your question? Why only 10? I think it's a rule of thumb. commonwealth labs edgware

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I don't know. It's a-- we don't want to commonwealth labs edgware the, um, we don't want to be the only ones validating. So you know, there could be a case in which Commonwealth ran like 60 validators. But commonwealth labs edgware seems like it doesn't make sense and runs a little bit commonwealth labs edgware to the spirit of the community.

We've had people participate in test sets in the past, and commonwealth labs edgware we want to give those folks a chance to join. But if you think it should be moved up and have like a concrete reason to do so I think we're all yours.

We should i think-- i think the best way to resolve this will be, you know, we have commonwealth labs edgware --we should use the signaling interface to set the number. I think we'll go around in circles on the specific number until the launch plan but-- More validator, more fun.

Should we do ? I am okay.

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Okay, good to hear. So the mental model I'm using is-- we can-- so first on Kusama, I think I commonwealth labs edgware to say the web three foundation is running about 25, validators.

Commonwealth labs edgware

But yeah, I think we will. We will right Probably a similar, similar amount scaled down from talking to commonwealth labs edgware, it seemed like there are some other validators that want to come in commonwealth labs edgware run a handful, you know, four or five nodes from the start.

I think some of us may be running nodes privately as well. And so I think we will be able to fill most commonwealth labs edgware 60 that will give people new people room to come in.

Wow, you know commonwealth labs edgware the limits are the limit won't be so low that you won't be able to commonwealth labs edgware in, but it also won't be so high that we are frequently not producing blocks.

But the goal is to build the majority and get to And then we can kind of calibrate [Unknown] Sorry, can you-- sooner via governance or was there like later governance or?

Commonwealth labs edgware

So most commonwealth labs edgware be decided through referenda launch without sudo key? No commonwealth labs edgware key [unknown] maybe I don't know. I mean any any council member can like run for council position. And so like how many council members?

So right now, I mean we can I would love to talk about that in in in conjunction with the the other governance proposals because I think we can talk about more specifics on the governance system.

Commonwealth labs edgware

So maybe maybe we can hold that question until a little bit later. Or the discussion until a bit later. Yeah, there's a there's a click at this page parameters there from the governance [unknown[ right.

I totally agree there. So hey, sorry, this is Victor. So since the the way that inflation works is changing from a you know constant issuance rate to now this like you're talking a commonwealth labs edgware staked Will you guys be releasing like further D thousand like, you know the the curve on which it will go and kind of like what those targets will be other than that Yeah.

So I guess we can you know, we could actually let me let me get back to that commonwealth labs commonwealth labs edgware a quick second. Do you actually we can get to that right now. So if you guys click into the the, the agenda, there's commonwealth labs edgware item number four like talking through inflation and then talk Through like the two separate pools, the Treasury inflation, and then the nominee purchase state based inflation.

Commonwealth labs edgware

And then there's the kind of there's links on how the curve is set, as well as, as well as the parameters that were chosen.

But to TLDR, it's, it goes up from like, essentially the minimum number mountain inflation, which is like, our sorry, interest rate for commonwealth labs edgware validator and that should be like, at zero, link, you know, the middle inflation is like 0.

And it goes up to zero point, or sorry, And then there's another set of inflation again, which goes to just the Treasury so 95 and two commonwealth labs edgware token per block will be issued like the Treasury And so even as the nominate proof of stake, and that curve is is variable commonwealth labs edgware still always have the treasure that's read more.

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But if you wanted to click into the links that might be helpful and forming a little bit article source. And yeah, looking at them No, thank, click the following article know, see more also be great to have what you just said be written commonwealth labs edgware so that people can access it later and references Yeah, definitely will have a more detailed post on that.

That's a thank you for that. And also just, I guess, small feedback, given that we're working with go here, polka dot and Kasama and you know, an edge where I'm sure there's gonna be other like substrate based chains, there's like a tendency to refer to like the documentation because honestly, like they have done a great job with it and commonwealth labs edgware their condition.

Sometimes, like when there's values there, it's not always clear like which ones are the true ones or like the most off the right ones. So just something to keep in mind as people are juggling between commonwealth labs edgware.

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