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Best crypto coins 2019

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Forget the flashy ICO adverts and look instead at how a cryptocurrency will be used.

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A high utility provides the following benefits to a cryptocurrency: Improves liquidity A cryptocurrency that is constantly being used, transferred and traded allows for investors to easily buy and sell said cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency with a high marketcap may make you wealthy best crypto coins 2019 paper but if it is not being traded click to see more, who will buy it off you?

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Creates scarcity The more a source is in demand the more it will be acquired by users, leading to less coins in circulation. Today we will look at three different best crypto coins 2019 with very ambitious use cases.

Pantos PAN is a continue reading cryptocurrency developed by cryptocurrency exchange BitPandawhich best crypto coins 2019 also the only place where investors can currently best crypto coins 2019 this cryptocurrency.

PAN is being developed to work across all blockchains, being able to transfer from the Ethereum blockchain for example to the Lisk blockchain and vice versa.

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This will allow for cross-blockchain best crypto coins 2019 article source digital assets, a feat that has not yet been tackled by any cryptocurrency.

To help bring this project to life, PAN is being developed in collaboration with researchers from various institutions which include: University of Vienna Research Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics RIAT Austrian Academy of Sciences If successful, PAN will allow near instant cross-chain transfers, allowing users to transfer assets from one blockchain to another without having to use a third party medium such as an exchange.

Best crypto coins 2019

PAN is barely on the https://obzor-catalog.ru/2019/best-eth-pool-2019.html, this cryptocurrency is still in the early adopter phase and no best crypto coins 2019 exchange has access best crypto coins 2019 this token yet.

OMG is a cryptocurrency created by a real world company, Omise, which provides online payment solutions to thousands of merchants.

Best crypto coins 2019

They want to make it easy to transfer value across many different networks and among many different currencies or assets.

OMG wants to provide the unbanked population with an easy to use best crypto coins 2019 to store, send and receive money, in any currency or asset, for a very low cost.

Best crypto coins 2019

To put it more simply, OmiseGo wants users, vendors and merchants to easily transfer money across the globe, across any network using any kind of here of asset type.

OMG are targeting both individuals and Electronic Payment Providers which gives the best crypto coins 2019 a massive room for continue reading. The scale of the problem that OMG is best crypto coins 2019 to tackle is best crypto coins 2019 really large one with hundreds of millions of potential users in Asia alone where OmiseGo is based and over 2 billion worldwide.

Best crypto coins 2019

I believe they have a great opportunity to best crypto coins 2019 this, being one of the very few companies taking on this challenge. XLM boasts: Best crypto coins 2019 instant transactions 2—3 seconds Almost free transactions 0.

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This also allows XLM to serve as backbone towards the creation of new cryptocurrencies, just like Ethereum is the platform behind ERC tokens. We have not even scratched the surface when it comes to digital assets yet, we are talking best crypto coins 2019 digital goods with real, tangible and real world value.

This allows the peer-to-peer exchange of cryptocurrencies without a third party organisation or a need to verify best crypto coins 2019 identity. The technology is already there, all we need is an on-ramp for the Average Joe to understand before we reach mass adoption.

Conclusion These cryptocurrencies may seem be ahead of their time with the issues they aim to solve, especially to the average person who may not be aware of these problems.

Best crypto coins 2019

However this may be the very same reason why they hold a lot of potential. If any of these cryptocurrencies interest you, here is best crypto coins 2019 you can find and invest into them: Stellar XLM can be bought directly with cash from CEX.

Best crypto coins 2019

Times like this, when the market is quiet, best crypto coins 2019 a good time for accumulation in my opinion, I cant wait to see how these projects mature over the years. Share this story.

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